Logic, Analysis, Patience, Hard Work and Time Management
I want to encourage kids to learn the fascinating game of Chess and benefit from it. I love to teach and would like to share my knowledge as I have derived lessons for daily life from Chess. There is no luck involved in Chess – you lose by your own mistakes and win with your own right moves with in-depth and forward thinking analysis. Each game is unique and each position is unique and wonderful to analyze. I want children to play Chess at a level when it is enjoyment and want them to appreciate the beauty of Chess. Right from strategic thinking, time management, and emotional control to analysis to be able to learn from losses, the objective is clearly to work towards being a winner!
"Chess is not merely an idle amusement …
Life is a kind of chess" – Benjamin Franklin
Levels of Mastery
Be able to play simple games. Appreciate Chess. Effectively move pieces. Analyze 1 move ahead at a time.
Be able to do analysis. Be able to avoid simple mistakes. Can play a game for a longer duration – come to the middle game. Analyze 2-3 moves ahead.
Start playing tournaments competitively. Solve Chess problems. Study and analyze positions and track international chess games. Analyze 4-6 moves ahead.